10 Best Camping Chairs For Bad Back Detailed Review

Best Camping Chairs For Bad Back

To those who never suffer from bad back pain, finding the best camping chairs for bad backs cannot be more irrelevant. However, to those who experienced the pain, planning on a camping trip is never an easy task (Although it is difficult for anyone, with a long list of things to do and prepare). Besides preparing camping essentials as normal people do, they need to find suitable gear and supports to minimize the issues caused by health problems.

Hence, finding a suitable camping chair is as important as getting the right tent, as it will allow them to enjoy the camping trip to its utmost. The best camping chairs for bad backs help to maintain a good posture while sitting during the trip. It hence will reduce the pain and help to avoid other health problems.

If you are finding a supporting gear for your bad back, and are now in the matrix of several camping chairs on the market, read my reviews below. I’m about to give out detailed information from personal experience and recent research about the best camping chairs for bad backs. Surely it will help you save a lot of time searching on your own so you can use it on other things, such as having a good relax for your back.

First of all, let take a look at what the most popular tents for bad back on the market have to offer.

  1. MY TOP PICK: STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair
  2. RUNNER UP: EVER ADVANCED Oversized Padded Quad Arm Chair
  3. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair
  4. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair
  5. CORE Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair


Product Images Product Names Editor's Rating Price
STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair 4.9 See latest price
EVER ADVANCED Oversized Padded Quad Arm Chair 4.9 See latest price
Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair 4.8 See latest price
Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair 4.8 See latest price
CORE Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair 4.7 See latest price
ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair 4.7 See latest price
ARROWHEAD OUTDOOR Portable Folding Camping Quad Chair 4.7 See latest price
KingCamp Camping Chair 4.6 See latest price
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair 4.5 See latest price
STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair 4.5 See latest price

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1. STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Lawn Lounge Chair

See Latest Price

The first candidate in this list is a product from StrongBack, a versatile brand specialized in producing supporting gears for indoor and outdoor activities. The Elite Folding camping chair is famous for its award-winning patented lumbar support and the effectiveness when it helps your body to ease the tension and relaxes your muscles by aligning your posture to the upright order.

The seat design is ergonomic and spacious, which helps to align and relax your hips and back. The armrest of this camping chair is very flexible and helps you rest your arms at the most comfortable level as they are developed with a solid pad. You can bring the chair along for any outdoor events thanks to its folding function and the lightweight of the materials. After folding the chair, take it upon your shoulders by using the cushioned dual shoulder straps and it will follow you everywhere, from camping, hiking, picnic, travel to sports, or even music events…


– Lumbar support function with the frame-integrated design

– Ergonomic and spacious seat design

– Lightweight

– Available in backpack carrying style

– Can hold up people with weight up to 300lbs


– Not so suitable for short people

2. EVER ADVANCED Oversized Padded Quad Arm Folding Camp Chair

See Latest Price

This EverAdvanced product offers a fully padded sitting area and high back seat design to ensure the user’s comfort, along with the oversize frame, which is suitable for tall and big people. All parts (such as the collapsible steel frame and sitting area fabric) are made from high quality and durable material.

As for the foam-padded armrests, it comes with an extra bar in front to strengthen the arm support and features an adjustable cup holder and a side organizer for convenience while using the chair. After using, you just need to fold the chair in seconds to compact size for easy carrying when camping, hiking… or storage.


– Fully padded sitting and armrest area which is adjustable

– Collapsible steel frame for easy folding

– 1-year manufacturer‘s warranty


– It might be too heavy to carry along when trekking over long distances.

3. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

See Latest Price

This Kijaro product might be the best camping chair for bad backs choice for low budget buyers, which still provides a premium sitting experience at a fairly low price. The material is a combination of a no-sag, durable, and diamond ripstop polyester; and the mesh on the back of the chair is to keep things breathable and comfortable during the warm days. The armrest area is super hard and durable, and there are 02 cup holders also made from a mesh material. The dual lock with push-button provides you an easy time setting up and taking down the chair.

You will be able to use the chair for various outdoor activities and purposes without any doubt falling to the ground as the locks enhance the stability. The organizer on the right of the chair will help you store the small belongings such as mobile phone, glasses… so you won’t miss them anywhere on the ground (and won’t accidentally step on them).


– Mesh design on the back suit the warm weather

– Easy setting up and taking down the process with the dual lock feature

– Cushion in head & seat


– Some have problems with the locking mechanism as it immediately stops working, which makes the piece unstable.

4. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

See Latest Price

Comes with a different look, this Trekology product stands out from the rest with superior lower back support as the seat fabric allows you to lean deeper. There are some mesh areas to keep you cool and comfortable during hot and humid days, while others that are made from Engineering Grade 600D polyester provide a durable and flexible sitting experience.

Another standing out feature of this chair is its packable and foldable design. It even fits in backpacks and is super light at only 02 pounds, which allows you to bring it anywhere and anytime you want. Despite the thin look, the frame is made from high-strength aluminum alloys which are generally used by aircraft manufacturers. Hence, when you sit on this chair, you will feel sturdy and stable support from the frame, which will surprise you given how short time the setting procedure takes.

There is not any cup holder, but you can store things in the durable 600D storage bag under the seat, or the side pockets which provide extra space for smaller items. The storage bag is attached to the mainframe by the straps, so you can take it out easily in case you want to keep other belongings with you beneath the chair.


– Portable and foldable design which fits in backpacks

– Strong frame and easy setup

– Superior lower back support that allows users to lean deeper


– No armrest area

5. CORE Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair

See Latest Price

This CORE chair is a great pick for those who have a bad back due to its well-designed seat. It is 100% filled with 600D Brushed polyester and the padded hard arms giving extra support assure you sit in a natural and comfortable position. It can be folded flat whenever you need to bring it away and is suitable for any back pain sufferers, from upper to middle and lower. The seat material gives a soft touch feeling thanks to the padded foam, which is also water-resistant so that you can use the chair in various weather conditions.

There is a cup holder on the right on the chair, while you can store small belongings such as glasses, mobile phones in the organizer which is a one-sided breathable mesh.


– Padded all over with 100% high-quality polyester and hard tough armrests

– The seat material is water-resistant


– The armrest area is small

6. ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

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As the name suggests, this ALPHA CAMP product offers a large seat area that is padded with oxford fabric. Together with the naturally curved armrest area and the strong frame construction (a four-sided heavy-duty steel frame which is coated with anti-rust hammer tone powder), the chair is giving long-lasting comfort and able to support up to 450lbs while others are around 300-350lbs. You can store your cup of hot tea in the durable mesh cup holder; things in the side pocket while the cooler bag on the left will make your summer cooler.

You can use the chair whenever you are at home or at relaxing spots, as the chair is super easy to be set up and folded in seconds. The collapsed size is also small and weighs only 13.2 lbs for easy carrying away.


– Large seating area made from premium material

– Four-sized heavy-duty frame which enables the chair to support up to 450lbs

– The armrest is curved in the shape of a natural sitting position that supports extra comfort for the arms

– The cooler on the left side is to keep your summer cooler


– Some users report that the front edge hurts sometimes

7. ARROWHEAD OUTDOOR Portable Folding Camping Quad Chair

See Latest Price

Comes with an unusual and fixed lumbar supportive design when the lower part is curved forward, this Arrowhead product gets opposite reviews as it is the height of the user that decides if the special design works or not. However, none can deny its sturdy and heavy-duty frame construction that allows the chair to hold up to a large weight, and the wide bottom also provides a comfortable sitting experience. The water-resistant material makes it useful in various weather conditions, while the mesh cup holder on the right side keeps your drink with you.


– Large seating area made from water-resistant material

– Four-sized heavy-duty frame


– The lumbar support is fixed and cannot adjustable, which in some cases is not suitable with the user’s back

– The armrest area is not padded

8. KingCamp Camping Chair Mesh High Back

See Latest Price

Offering ultimate comfort and relaxation for your camping trip, this King Camp product might be one of the best camping chairs for bad backs on the market. The backseat and sitting area are made from high-quality 600D oxford fabric, which is water-resistant and much thicker than many of the other products. This chair comes with a lumbar supportive design which also offers a wide sitting area to maximize the comfort of the user. The high backseat is partial mesh and partial padded, and together with the ergonomic high back design, it provides enough support for your back and waist.

The frame which is made from aluminum tubes comes with a bracket structure. These allow the chair to support up to 300lbs and also fold – unfold easily in seconds. The folded size is also suitable to store and bring along in the included chair bag.


– Large seating area made from high quality & water-resistant 600D oxford polyester fabric

– High backseat which is partial mesh & partial padded

– Ergonomic high back design that provides support for your back and waist

– 01-year warranty


– The seat is a little too high and the frame does not hold together well for some users

9. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair

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Like other successful indoor and outdoor products from ALPS, this camping chair is also an amazing camping gear. It is made of high-quality 600D polyester fabric, which is durable and water-resistant and gives you a comfortable feeling for every sitting experience. The frame is a combination of the lightweight pro-tech aluminum tubes, which not only make the chair easy to carry but also contributes to the strength enhancement and stability.

As for the armrest areas, they are curved to the natural position and also padded to maximize the comfort of users. The lumbar support makes your muscles and spines relax in order to get rid of the back pain while enjoying the time with your camping buddies; while the tall back allows you to relax all your upper body. A special point of this product is that the back frame can be detached for compact storage & transportation.

This chair with its large dimensions could hold up to 425lbs; and there are mesh cup holders to keep your drink while chit-chatting.


– The armrests are curved and padded

– Extra tall backseat for user’s convenience

– The back frame is detachable which allows compact storage & transportation


– The sitting area is not so large and some prefer padded armrests.

10. STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair

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As the name suggests, this Strongback chair is a low gravity one that sits 4 inches away from the ground. Though it is not as tall as other camping chairs in today’s list, it still possesses amazing features that the best camping chair for a bad back should do. With an ergonomic design, carefully padded, and good locking system, it gives out perfect support for your lumbar as it aligns your body to the correct posture, which helps your spine be relieved and eases the tension throughout your back. You will sit comfortably on the chair thanks to its spacious seat, and each leg features a flat platform that enhances the strength, stability, and durability of the chair.

Though it can hold up to 300-pound weight capacity, it is super easy to fold and unfold, and lightweight enough to carry along in backpack style to any outdoor activity.


– Amazing ergonomic and spacious seat design

– Each leg has a flat platform to enhance stability

– Can be folded and unfold easily to fit in a backpack-style carry bag


– The chair is only 04 inches away from the ground


After reading the review about a long list of good camping chairs to buy for campers with bad back issues, you might still be wondering which one is your ‘true love chair’. Let me tell you how to find the most suitable one by using these factors to consider/evaluate a camping chair for a bad back, to make sure that it is worth the money we spend more than a normal camping chair.

1. Good lumbar support

To anyone that ever suffers from back pain, it is crucial to have things that provide lumbar support. It will help you adjust your position to a correct and comfortable sitting to ease the stress on your spines and muscles. This also makes the camping chairs for bad backs different from normal ones, which are hollow and give out no support for your lumbar. To have good lumbar support, the camping chair should have an ergonomic design or carefully padded and foamed.

2. Material

As the chosen chair is a camping gear that goes with you through various weather conditions and maybe, various terrain, it should be made of high-quality fabric and have a strong frame. The fabric should be nylon material thanks to its sturdiness and water-resistance, while the legs made from high-quality aluminum are suggestively much more ideal.

3. Armrest and footrest

While your spines and muscles are relaxed, the arms and legs should take a rest too. A good camping chair should have good armrest areas that are padded or even curved to the arms’ shape and large enough that your arms won’t fall out and a footrest that provides relaxation for your feet after a long time of walking/hiking/trekking…

4. Capacity/Carrying weight

This is a crucial factor to consider as camping chairs come in various sizes and weights. The chair will support your back and also your whole body, hence, you need to pick a chair that can hold your weight easily with full comfort. Also, it should be lightweight to be carried away with you on any outdoor activities.

5. Accessories and storage space

Some say that these do not matter, but having a camping chair that comes along with a pocket, a cup holder, or even a cooler bag is more useful and amazing than you might think. You don’t need to move a lot to get things to your spot, which will reduce the chance of getting more pain with your back; and also, keep your belongings where it should be kept. Trust me, you don’t want to kneel down to find things, which 100% will hurt your painful back.

6. Type of the camping chair

Another factor that shouldn’t be missed is that you should determine exactly the type of camping chair. There are 02 types: Low-gravity seats (such as the StrongBack product we reviewed above) which sits just a few inches from the ground and recliners which allow both sitting and resting posture. The low-gravity style might result in difficulty when getting in and out, but it also provides fantastic chilling time by the beach/by a lake; while the recliners are easier to sit down-stand up and takes out full pressure from the lower back.


1. How do I know if a chair supports my lumbar properly?

The camping chair that supports your lumbar properly is the chair comes with a fully padded lower area with foam materials or has an ergonomic design that no hollow can harm your lumbar. When you sit on the chair, you feel that your lumbar is supported, and the stresses on your muscles and spines are released.

2. How do I clean the chair properly?

Just like other camping gears, the chair should be cleaned after use. You should wash it with a freshwater hose to get rid of the dirt. After finishing the cleaning session, leave it dry completely before folding it up to avoid the fungal growth and bad odor. You can also use a brush to clean the fabric after the chair is fully dried.

3. Are camping chairs suitable for beach trips?

All camping chairs are suitable for a beach trip, providing that you get rid of all the sand, dirt, and water on the chair. Try not to let the sand get lodged within the metallic joints, which will result in difficulty when folding the chair.


Getting suitable gear and support for your trip, in this case, a comfortable camping chair that will support your painful back, you are halfway to having a wonderful camping trip. I hope that after reading my reviews about the best camping chairs for bad back on the market and suggestions about how you find your ‘true-love-chair’ based on specific factors, you will have a good buddy to go with you on your next camping trip or any other activities that it could be of assistance. Never let the pain or anything keep you from having a good time!