Best Instant Tents For A Convenient Trip: Top 10 in 2020

best instant tent

Why do we need one of the best instant tents with you on your camping trip?

We both know that choosing a suitable tent – the weather shelter for you and your companions among the great nature – is an essential part of every camping trip. However, a more important thing to consider is how it will be pitched and how long the pitching takes.

After a long haul hike to the camping venue, it might be really exhausted to unpack things then assemble to start setting up a tent, which can be a difficult task to even the experienced campers. If you want an easy start for your camping trip, or you just are not sure about your skills, getting the best instant tent will be a great choice.

Though instant tents are easy to put up, choosing one is not that easy with several models available on the market. If you have yet to know how to pick the most suitable one of the best instant tents list, let’s read through this review. By reading this, you will get a detailed review of the top 10 best instant tents, the essential buying guide, and also, get most of your questions answered. Let’s start!

  1. MY TOP PICK: Coleman Cabin Tent
  3. Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tents
  4. Core Equipment Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent
  5. QUICK-UP 3/6 Person Tents


Product Images Product Names Editor's Rating Price
Coleman Cabin Tent 4.9 See latest price
OT QOMOTOP Tents 4.9 See latest price
Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tents 4.8 See latest price
Core Equipment Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent 4.8 See latest price
QUICK-UP 3/6 Person Tents 4.7 See latest price
Mobihome 6 Person Tent 4.7 See latest price
Timber Ridge Family-Tents 4.7 See latest price
Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent 4.6 See latest price
Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent 4.5 See latest price
Oileus Pop Up Tent 4.5 See latest price

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1. Coleman Cabin Tent for Camping Sets up in 60 Seconds

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The first product to be reviewed is from Coleman, one of the best manufacturers in producing outdoor and camping gears. This Coleman cabin tent is available in 3 sizes: 4-person, 6-person, and also 10-person with darkroom technology edition (which helps to block 90% of sunlight) and matches almost users’ requirements in camping capacity.

As its name suggests, you can set up the tent in only 60 seconds thanks to the pre-attached poles, and it is really built to last with the poly-guard double-thick fabric that withstands harsh weather conditions and is also good at waterproofing. The inverted seams and welded corners also contribute to improving the water-resistant function by preventing the water to get in.

There are 02 large windows and a small vent at the top of the tent; coming along with the off-center entrance door and the integrated rainfly that offer extra ventilation for the inside. No matter the size you are interested in (4-person, 6-person, or even 10), the interior is always roomy, which can accommodate the number of people advertised, plus the camping gears & backpacks.


  • Can be set up within 60 seconds
  • Made from extremely durable poly-guard fabric
  • Comes in various sizes with a roomy interior


  • The integrated rainfly cannot withstand heavy rain

2. OT QOMOTOP 60 Seconds Set Up Camping Tent

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This 60-second-set-up tent comes from OT QOMOTOP, a newcomer in the field of producing camping and outdoor gears but presents the top quality product, including one of the best instant tents. As the name suggests, the tent’s instant design allows an individual to finish both setting up and taking down the tent within 01 minutes.

The fabric of the tent is made from durable and high-quality material, and it is good at waterproofing thanks to the PU taping, PE tube floors, and welded corners. The inside is pretty spacious and high, which can keep 01 queen bed & other camping gears (4-person model) absolutely dry during heavy rain.

Another plus point is that the tent comes along with numerous accessories and devices such as tent stakes, a carry bag, some gear pockets, and a gear loft to store your things, especially the mud mat, which undeniably a handy addition to keep the inside clean. There is also a waterproof electric cord port that is fully closed when not in use to keep your electric devices alive during the camping trip.

Air circulation of this tent is great, thanks to the ground vent, the mesh roof, and the large windows. An amazing thing about the mesh roof is that you take off the rain roof on summer days (of course in good weather condition) and have yourself a great star-gazing night.


  • Can be set up within 60 seconds
  • Comes with a mud mat, a waterproof electric cord port & numerous accessories
  • High-quality fabric
  • Good ventilation with vents, doors, windows & a mesh roof for the starry sky on the summer nights


  • Too heavy to carry away

3. Columbia Mammoth Creek Cabin Tents

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As every cabin tents do, this Columbia product (in all 03 sizes the manufacturer’s offer) gives you a large inside and high ceiling thanks to the straight walls. It also comes with a special feature that is unique to the tent which is the pull out windows. These allow you to have normal air circulation during rain as you are able to keep them open without worrying that the water drops can get in. Once they fall to the window lips, it will flow all away where the funnel shape leads them to.

Besides the high-quality fabric and pre-assembled frame which makes it super easy to pitch the tent; the large & adjustable ground vent, along with the no-see-um mesh, provides a comfortable experience inside the tent, no matter day or night. The extra water-resistance and fast-drying feature (that are assured by the Omni-shield coated fabric) also contribute to your amazing time with this Columbia product, while your personal items & gears will be organized in the integrated media pocket that comes along with the tent.


  • High-quality fabric (Omni-shield coated fabric) that is super dry and good at water-resistant
  • Perfect ventilation with no-see-um mesh
  • Pull out windows which adds an aesthetic touch and also provides air circulation
  • Large inside and high ceiling thanks to the straighter walls


  • A bit heavy at a pretty steep price

4. Core Equipment Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

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Made from 100% polyester, this Core product is rated as a 4-person tent although it’s likely that you have to sleep side to side with your company. When it accommodates a queen-sized air mattress, there is not much space left to store your gear. However, the center height at 4.5 feet is pretty OK for a family with kids or a small group of friends.

Featuring a pre-assembled steel pole system that plays the role of a frame, you can easily set up the tent in 30 seconds. All you need to do is unblock the tent, unfold the poles then extend them until they click into position.

The Core H20 block technology will prevent the inside from getting wet during the rain, and the air circulation of this tent is assured with an adjustable ground vent & a D-shaped door. Your gear (which can’t be put on the ground due to the not-so-large inside) can be organized in pockets. There is also a lantern hook to light up your camp night.

A plus point of this tent is that there is an electrical cord access port which is fully closed when not in use/raining. You will love the rainfly, tent stakes & carry bag that come along with the tent.


  • An easy setup in 30 seconds
  • The tent comes along with pockets for keeping your gear off the ground
  • Core H20 block technology & electrical cord access port allow you to survive the rain


  • Not as big as it should be (as a 4-person tent)

5. QUICK-UP 3/6 Person Instant Tents for Camping/Hiking

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As the brand says it out loud, it’s easy to set up this QUICK-UP tent. Featuring a unique hub system design, you can handle the set up all by one person in the blink of an eye. Roll it out and lock the polls then all you need to do next is to simply pull the drawstring.

Whether you are considering the 3 or 6-person version, they all provide quite spacious & roomy inside; which make them undeniably suitable for family camping/hiking trip. As the tent might need to accommodate a large number of people, the ventilation is enhanced with the breathable mesh roof and 03 windows & door.

In nice weather, you might remove the rainfly (that comes along with the tent) for amazing star-gazing opportunities. In case of a windy & rainy night, the steel stakes & guy ropes will make sure that your shelter remains strong. There is also no chance for the raindrops to wet the inside since the sturdy, watertight PE tent floor; the reinforced sealed seams and fully taped rainfly are really good at water resistance.


  • Super easy to set up by 1 person
  • Amazing ventilation with the mesh roof
  • Satisfaction guaranteed policy: 1-year warranty & 30-day money back


  • Cannot withstand harsh weather

6. Mobihome 6-Person Pop Up Dome Tents

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You don’t need to worry about the setup process when it comes to this Mobihome product. With a special hub system that allows 01 people to set up without any difficulty, the process won’t take much time with 03 steps: roll the tent out, lock the poles & pull the drawstring.

You will not need to care much about the occupancy as this dome-styled tent is able to accommodate a family with 2 parents with kids comfortably. The ventilation is handled by the micro mesh roofs and 03 doors & windows. A star-gazing night with rainfly-off-the-top will be a good chance to reconnect the family member.

In case of rain & wind, you still be able to enjoy the time with your loved ones as there will be no wet floor or tent bottom-up. The water-repellent material (190T polyester), watertight PE tent floor, and heat-sealed seams with the fully taped rainfly will handle them all.

There are also other accessories for your convenience, such as side poles, vestibule pole, steel stakes, guy lines & carrying bag…


  • Simple & easy to set up in seconds
  • Mesh roof and 3 windows & door offer great ventilation
  • Customer-friendly 1-year warranty


  • Have yet to find one J

7. Timber Ridge Family-Tents

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With the dimensions of 132 x 108 inches and center height at 72 inches, this quite large tent is suitable for family as the name categorizes itself. The domed style allows 6 persons to sleep comfortably on 02 queen air mattresses. There will be enough air for everyone thanks to the large D-styled door and side windows, besides a good view of the outside. The meshes on the windows will allow you to open up to nature without worrying about flying insects.

This is a free-standing tent that can be laid on any terrain, but in case of harsh wind during your night sleep, you should stake it to the ground and let its high-grade glass shocked-corded fiber poles handle the rest. If it is rainy, cover the top with the rainfly that comes along with the tent. The durable polyester, welded corners, and inverted seams will keep you and your companion dry.

If you need to keep the gear & personal belongings organized, several large side pockets will be of assistance. There is also an electrical cable port (that is fully closed when not in use) and a LED hook on the top for your convenience.


  • Able to accommodate 02 queen air mattresses
  • The large D-styled door & mesh windows provide great air circulation
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The material is not so durable if you use it quite often

8. Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

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If you are going to camp alone, or enjoy the time with your loved one only; this Marmot tent is for you. The tent offers the capacity (at 32 square feet) that sleeps 02 comfortably and is quite handy & lightweight to sneak into your backpack trip’s checklist.

Featuring 02 of 7000 series aluminum poles, the tents can be set up in seconds. It looks stylish but is still durable with a strong frame, seam taped & a full coverage weatherproof rainfly that gets you through heavy rain. If the weather is nice, take the rainfly off the top and you will have good ventilation thanks to the partial mesh walls, which also offer a great star-gazing opportunity. The dual shaped doors allow easy in & out; while the dual overhead vestibules offer you a pretty large space to store your things.


  • Partial mesh walls offer great ventilation
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Full coverage weatherproof rainfly makes it a real-life shelter


  • Pretty small that sleeps only 02 people with not much space left to store camping gear

9. Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

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This Toogh tent catches your eyes at the very first look with its implausible and unique design. Made of high-quality waterproof fabric, this tent is an amazing shelter against any harm you may think of in the great nature. During hot days, the extremely dense mosquito net provides great ventilation and protection against mosquitos bites. The 02 big dual doors both contribute to the enhancement of air circulation and allows easy in & out.

In case of rain, the 210D oxford fabric & silicone coating outside will keep you from getting wet. The tent can survive big winds thanks to its 6-angle design which makes it super strong & stable.

The pitching up process can’t be easier when it comes to this Toogh tent. All you need to do is laying it out, straightening the poles, and pulling the top piece into place. And then is the automated installation! You will have a shelter at 5’5’’ ceiling height with a large awning to drying/cleaning yourself before coming in in about 60 seconds. Taking the tent down is just simple, quick, and easy.


  • Simple & quick set-up
  • 6-angled style makes the tent strong and durable
  • An extremely dense mosquito net offers great ventilation & protection against flying insects
  • Rated as a 4-season tent
  • 15-day money-back guarantee for any reason


  • Able to accommodate 03 or 2 parents & 2 kids. 4 adults using this tent is not recommended

10. Oileus Pop Up Camping Tent

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If you are looking for the best instant tent that is fairly big for your family, this Oileus tent is a good choice. At the very first glance, we can affirm that it offers a spacious inside. The tent can be set up real quick as unstrapping the tent then throwing it in the air is everything you need to do. You can now take a bow like a magician while your kids watching the tent open itself in seconds. It can’t be easier to get the pitching process done: no fumble with poles and no complicated instructions.

The ventilation of this tent is quite good with 02 ventilated doors and extra big mesh roof sky windows, which not only allow good airflow but also offer a great opportunity for a wonderful star-gazing night (in nice weather, of course) and good protection against bugs. It also provides flexibility and privacy as you can either open, close, or seal from 02 sides.

Regarding the stability of this tent, it is made from premium quality material and uses sturdy zippers. Together with the waterproof treatment on the fabric and fully taped seams, the tent takes good care of you throughout bad weather & rain.


  • Super easy & simple set up
  • Offer a spacious inside for the family
  • Large mesh windows for bugs preventing & star-gazing


  • The zipper is not as durable as the fabric


First of all, we need to know the exact definition of an instant tent to make sure that we will get exactly what we need. I believe that after reading my detailed review about the 10 best instant tents, you’ve already had your own definition and know exactly what an instant tent is.

An instant tent, simple as it is, a tent that takes less than a minute to be set up and requires no assembling of poles. The poles of an instant tent are already connected to the tent body and are fold in a way that allows them to easily snap into place. You don’t even need to know which poles go whereas the tents will do it themselves.

Some believe that instant tents are pop-up tents. That’s not true. All pop-up tents are instant tents, but it’s not correct for the opposite.

Apart from the easy & quick set-up process which is believed to be the essential component of an instant tent, there are more aspects you should consider when you want to give a decision on which instant tent best suits your needs.

1. Size of the tent: big or small?

First thing first, you need to determine the size of the tent you’re going to choose, which is based on how many people will usually share the tent with you. If you camp alone usually, you won’t need a big tent like a big family/group of friends.

Also bear in mind the main purpose for most of your camping trip. A lightweight and compact tent will be more suitable if you often hike a long distance.

To conclude, when you consider the size of a tent to make any buying decision, pay attention to the floor dimension, center height, and the shape of the tent, which I’ll be telling you in the next paragraph

2. Shape of the tent: cabin or dome?

There are 02 types of instant tents: cabin & dome. Each of them has its own advantages.

Cabin tents have larger frame & size and would take a longer time to assemble to set up. However, it offers larger rooms & a roomy interior (thanks to the straight & taller walls). That’s why it weighs heavier and resembles a house with its comfort than the other.

On the contrary, dome tents are lighter and easily carried when collapsed. The pitching process also takes a shorter time (than cabin tents’). In general, dome tents create a more 4-season tent.

3. Waterproofing

Though it is an instant tent (which means it might not come with full features as a conventional tent does), it still plays the role of a shelter among the great nature. Hence, the best instant tent for you needs to be made of high quality and at least water-repellent. Make sure you bring a rainfly with you and get you seams sealed.

4. Poles & Guidelines

The quality of the poles needs to be counted as well unless you don’t mind your poles snapping in the wind (then the tent being blown away). As for the guidelines, it will make sure that your tent stays strong and stable during the rain.

5. Other factors

There are other factors which are not so necessary but might be important to you based on your preference

For example, you are fond of an amazing summer night with star-gazing, choose the tents that come with partial mesh walls/mesh roof. Besides, it will be of assistance for good ventilation & protection against insects.

Other factors to consider are doors & windows. You might prefer 02 doors to 01 door for easy access to the tent, plus more air circulation. Some also like the side pockets inside the tent a lot, which helps them to keep personal belongings & gear organized and off the ground. A lantern hook on the ceiling will be a great start for a cozy camping night, while the electrical port (need to be fully closed when not in use) will keep your electric devices alive.

FAQs about the best instant tents

1. Are instant tents any good?

Absolutely yes! The instant tents are good for anyone who loves convenience, from beginners, casual campers to committed ones. With an instant tent aside on your camping trip, you won’t need to worry about the long time-taking pitching process, or which step first – which steps are next… Instant tents are easy and quick to set up.

2.Is an Instant Tent the Same as a Pop Up Tent?

As I’ve already explained earlier, an instant tent and pop-up tent are not one. Pop-up tents work as its name says, which means that you just need to pull it out from the bag, throw it in the air and you have a shelter for your escape from busy life. All pop-up tents are instant tents, but not all instant tents are pop-up tents.

3. Are Instant Tents Waterproof?

Most parts of instant tents are waterproof. Some models which are made to be economical choices will need extra waterproofing treatment (seam sealer/proofing spay/overall rainfly…) and might not handle strong weather.

Also, you will need to check the Hydro Static Head Rating to make sure that it suits the environment you will be camping in. In general, the rating at 1000mm-2000mm is enough for casual & family campers.

4. Are Coleman Instant Tents waterproof?

Coleman, one of the most famous brands in producing outdoor & camping gears, are good at waterproofing their products. I’ve reviewed their instant tent model above (at the very first line of the product review part), which says that not only the high-quality fabric that helps the tent at water-repellency but also the inverted seams and welded corners do.

Coleman instant tents are among the best instants on the market and might be the one for your need.


best instant tent

Instants tents, after all, are a good choice to consider for anyone who is looking for a convenient way to start your camping trip. It provides an easy set-up and pretty large space for you to enjoy the time with your loved ones, and with some extra prevention (seam sealer or rainfly) to waterproof the tent, you will have a good shelter.

I really hope that my review helps you in choosing the best instant tent you are in need of, or at least give you some advice to get somewhere in the journey of finding the best instant tent.

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