Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Review – Is It A Good Choice?

coleman weather master 10

If you are planning on a camping trip for a big group of friends or family, getting a suitable tent might be the most important thing you need to do post-trip. Known as one of the most strong and durable tents for a big group, Coleman WeatherMaster 10 seems to be a great investment that meets all your needs and stands the time. This Coleman WeatherMaster 10 review will give you more details about the tent itself. Also, you will find out if it is any good and high quality as the manufacturers claim it to be.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

“Though the price is a bit steep compared to other family tents, Coleman WeatherMaster 10 remains an ideal choice if you are looking for a roomy and waterproof tent for the summer camping trip”

Product highlights:

  • Cabin-like 10-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size air beds
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Sets up easily in 20 minutes

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The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 is well designed for an extended camping trip which might accommodate up to 10 people relaxing comfortably in its ample space of the 02 rooms. Hence, if you have a big group of friends or your family members are also outgoing and love the adventure experience like yourself, this tent will be a good choice. It will provide spaciousness and enough air during the night.  

Besides, if you happen to care about the space first when choosing a tent, this WeatherMaster 10 is also ideal. Using 03 queen-sized mattresses is no problem, and you can even put them along with other camping gear and equipment; none of them will touch the walls.


This tent features a hinged door in D-shape which allows walking in & out easily. Despite the fact that you are carrying lots of equipment and bulky items such as bags, food & drinks, and mattresses; it is no problem. Young children do not have any difficulty using this door. In comparison to other old-style doors such as those of the lower-tie tents, it is really an upgrade. There is another door on the back size (a zipped one), so you don’t need to queue in line to get out. It is especially usefull when there are about ten people at the same time using the tent. 

There is a Variflo adjustable ventilation system that enables you to customize the airflow according to your cooling comfort. You are able to choose the level of ventilation which keeps the cool inside the tent. The inside of the tent will be kept dry even in the heavy rain thanks to The WeatherTec system. It also works well during the wet season, you will never be bothered by the weather when using this tent.

Handling the tent and bring it along the transfer will be easy and convenient as it comes with a bag. It is also easy to set the tent up with its colored poles and the continuous polo sleeves. One more special thing and seems to be an interesting added value of this tent is its 04 small storage nets located in the corners. You can put miscellaneous items in these and none will be missed.

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1. How to set up?

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to set up the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 thanks to its special design. It just requires 02 people to pitch the tent up straight forward using the manufactures’ guidelines. Use the colored poles and sleeves according to the notes as it will show you which one will assist in the setting process.

After finish pitching up the tent, drape the rainfly across the top of the tent and attach it to the main poles once you stake everything to the ground. If you’ve experienced other tents before using Coleman WeatherMaster 10, you might realize that the rainfly is a bit different as it is not a full one. It still covers the top and prevents it from getting wet. The full process (including setting up the tent and staking it to the ground) will take around 30 minutes. It might vary depends on your setting skills and other objective factors; hence, try setting up the tent at home a few times before the trip.

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2. The design and features

The special design of this tent with 02 doors are really nice for a family with kids as the hinged door does help a lot than the zipped one. Not every child can open and close the zipped door easily, and you might not want to stop in the middle of preparing the meals just to help your kids to get in and out.

As its name suggests, the tent has a great waterproof feature. It is waterproof from the fabric (Polyurethane-coated fabric), the floor, and the water-repellent thread to the fully tapped rainfly seams. For some who need an electrical port, the section to set a cable through is really useful. However, other added features seem not as cool as the electrical port, such as the cool box next to the outer wall, and the air vent, which always needs to be put high, located at the bottom of the tent.

3. Capacity

Though its name is Coleman WeatherMaster 10, never you should expect that 10 people can sleep there comfortably as you will need to use the sleeping pads as this tent can accommodate only 03 queen-sized air mattresses. The ideal size is a family of 4 to 6, and you can divide the groups into 02 rooms that the tent has to offer.

4. Ventilation and Weather Resistance

In this Coleman WeatherMaster 10 review, we can not miss out on the ventilation and weather resistance feature. Due to the design with 02 rooms and vertical walls, the tent might not survive a storm well like the dome-shaped tent does, in the event that you do not stake it to the ground after setting it up. Avoid bad weather is a wise choice when you choose the time of the camping trip, however, we do not know if there is one coming all of sudden. Hence, you should stake the tent every time and bring a spray water-proof with you to prevent the leak.

Regarding the ventilation, this tent has been designed well for air circulation with its mesh ceiling and windows. During the daytime, keep the doors open and flap down the windows to get maximum ventilation.

5. Durability

The tent will work well for a few years or so, and the length depends a lot on how you take care of it pre and post-trip. Put some water-proof spray on the tent before the trip; which not only keeps you dry, warm, and conformable during the nights but also ensures the long life of the fabric. Remember to put the tarp before setting up a tent, and be careful with the poles during the setting process, though the main ones are made from steel and really durable. There is already a hinged door to minimize the time we spend on zipping the door, however, just use a moderate amount of strength when using it.


Though the price is a bit steep compared to other family tents, Coleman WeatherMaster 10 remains an ideal choice if you are looking for a roomy and waterproof tent for the summer camping trip. With all of the above being told and discussed, I hope that my Coleman WeatherMaster 10 review does help you when finding a big tent for your upcoming trip.